Erica Sager-Pelman, Founder of In Shifra's Arms: Jewish Support for the Pregnant Woman


"Lori Prashker-Thomas' journey moves through an abortion clinic to placing her daughter for adoption, reuniting years later. She is strong, compelling and authentic. She has the courage to break into topics rarely discussed in the Jewish community, using her life's story to heal and to inspire."

Catherine DePasquale, Author


"I was fortunate enough to attend one of Lori's author events. Her story is both captivating and inspiring. Her journey as a birth mother is one of love and sacrifice. She speaks with an honesty that can be jarring at times, but her voice is ultimately one of hope. By bravely sharing her story, she brings the subject of adoption to the forefront of the debate as a viable choice for other women ."  

Rabbi Larry Kaplan, Temple Israel


 "When we asked Lori to speak, we did not know her story. We knew her family story but not her story of being a Birth Mother and everything behind the decision. Very powerful and moving story and amazing the way she intertwines her story with Shifra and Puah's story...She makes you think!" 

Michelle C.


 "So proud of you, your faith, and your courage to get your story out there and be heard. I am sure this will help so many."  

Jody N.


 “When hearing Lori read clips of her book, I was moved by her words and also her strength to tell her story so openly and honestly. Lori speaks from the heart and draws you in to her life story like you are taking the journey with her ."

Lisa G.


   "Hearing Lori's story showed me how scary and alone life can be.  She was incredibly strong and  hearing her story through every step was eye-opening.  Lori's story is raw, proud, scary but most of all shows her denomination to never give up."